reality and borders

My works focus on the notion of fragmentation, reality, borders, self-reflection, self-image, anxiety, time, linearity, and rhythm through the lens of researching, collaging, painting, and mixed media techniques. I like to mesh up my determined understanding of reality, by use of very personal stories, referring to neo-Dadaism and tachism even sometimes pointillism and Islamic art in order to broke rigidity and surprise myself. The abstractness of Islamic art tradition which is far beyond decorative craftsmanship has an impact on my aesthetic sense. Especially paper marbling and the use of colors have certain contemporariness with its purity. I always challenge myself how to visually balance composing the main elements of the narrative and allowing dialectically-derived insights emerging proportionately when I practice art.


critical dadaism

Critical Dadaism is about the possibility of finding the meaning behind the absurdity. The transmission between meaning and nonsense creates dynamism and adding the time element into my art. I like to surprise the viewer however it depends on their curiosity. My relationship with my art practice becomes more playful and dynamic with multiple transitions of meanings and absurdity, as well. I can release my insecurities while feeding my pseudo-intellectualism -bringing important topics into the discourse such as identity, woman, time, culture, and 'others' - by means of patching mostly nonsense papers. The fun part is destroying the existing composition of the words and juxtaposing all those shredded pieces onto a completely different context. After shaping the framework, the narration starts justifying itself and complete the artistic process. is my window to share my research and artistic practices with the world.

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